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Integration (from latin integratio — replenishment, restoration) — the unification of any elements into one, as well as the combination and coordination of actions of various parts of the integral system; process of interconnection and interaction of separate structures.

LLC «Legal Consulting Group» Integration « — a young company created as a result of violent and inevitable changes in society. Integration of Ukraine into Europe requires new, European business conditions that cause large-scale internal transformations. Due to the adaptation of Ukrainian legislation to EU regulations and norms, business conditions change as well, and there is a need to introduce new standards of service provision.


The slogan of our company:«The first among the equal!»


The priority of our team is to create a safe product, integrate security into the business through analysis and risk weighing.

Combining the diverse knowledge and experience of our specialists in the field of consulting, jurisprudence and management provides an opportunity to create an integrated business system, optimize production and create preconditions for development.

An individual approach to each client allows you to find optimal solutions to achieve the desired result.

Providing other unique services allows the end user to obtain a safe and quality product, made with the use of exclusive and European technology.



Main directions of our activity:







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